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Network Cabling Installation

Either to share a high speed internet connection or interconnect with others devices, we offer network cabling installation services for any kind of event, seminar, conference, exhibition, trade show, sales presentation, shopfront, restaurant or office.

LAN & WAN Implementation

Setting up a network and allow multiple devices which located at different area to connect and communicate with each other, our network engineer will advise a proper network plan that suit for your need. Our services includes:

- Intranet

- Network Sharing

- Internet Sharing

- Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- File Sharing

- IT Infrastructure Design

- Project Management

WIFI and Internet Connection

Required internet access for your event? Speak to our professional network engineer to pre-plan a suitable internet connection for your event. We offer services as follow:

- WIFI Connection and Implementation

- Point to Point Internet Access

- Secure Internet Implementation

CCTV Camera & IP Camera

We provides a sense of security for your event, trade show, exhibition, outdoor roadshow, home and businesses. With the live feed and recorded footage, you may access the CCTV via your mobile phone or a static server placed in your place. With the new technology, you may keep an eye at your venue by sending command, triggering alarm, adjusting viewing angle just from your finger to enhance your workplace security. 

IT Equipment Rental

We provides a wide of range IT-related equipment rental. Our services includes

- Internet Routers & Dual WAN Router

- Network Switches ( Layer 1/Layer 2 / Layer 3)

- Wireless Access Point 

- Mobile Charging Table

- 4G/3G Router with WIFI

- Mobile Broadband Dongle

- Laptop/Cpu/Ipad

- Touch Screen LCD

- Queue Management System

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IT  Solutions

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Network Cabling
IT Equipment Rental
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