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Sound System Rental

We offer wide range of sound system rental which includes

- Professional Sound System

- Portable Sound System

- Speaker with Stand

- PA System 

- Wall Mount Speaker

- Sub Woofer

- Wireless Microphone

- Audio Console

Line Array System

Everything you need to reach a big group of audience be it in a seminars, conferences, exhibitions, outdoor event, dinner and dance, we all got it covered. With line array system, it may amplify the sound and achieve the seamless sound effect. 

Lighting and Effect

Be the STAR, create a visual impact like no one else. With our wide range of lighting equipment services, we cater all lighting support for all you need in your event. Our services includes:

- Customized Stage Lighting

- Atmospheric Lighting

- Moving Head Rental

- LED Par Can

- LED Bar 

- Follow Spot

- Customized GOBO light (Customization of logo light)

- Lighting Console

LED Wall

Create a sharp and changeable content for your event?​ We have a group of professional video engineer and event crew to support all you need for your event. Regardless the size and shape of the LED video wall, we can customize anything you required in order to deliver a visual impact for your audience. Our services includes:

- LED Wall

- Video Wall 

- Curved LED Video Wall

- Video Processor

- Content Management

- Video Engineer / Technician

TV Rental

Rent a TV from the latest 4K HD Display to LED TV, from small TV display to big screen; we offer different sizes and types of TV display for your exhibition, conference, seminar, roadshow,  and any kind of event. Our inventory includes:

- 32" LED TV Rental

- 43" LED TV Rental

- 50" LED TV Rental

- 55" LED TV Rental

- 60" LED TV Rental

- 70" LED TV Rental

- 84" LED TV REntal

- 4K HD TV

- Seamless TV Wall

- TV with Stand

- Cables and Accessories 

Projector Rental

We have multiple selection of projector and projector screen for rent. Whether you required a sharp presentation or high resolution of content regardless the ambient and the venue condition, we have different type of lumens for rental. Our professional engineer will provide a solution that is most suitable for you. Our services include:

- 4200 Lumens Projector Rental

- 5000 Lumens Projector Rental

- 8000 Lumens Projector Rental

- 10000 Lumens Projector Rental

- 12000 Lumens Projector Rental

- 21000 Lumens Projector Rental

- Short Throw Projector Rental

- Video Switching

- Signal Routing
- Presentation Prompter

- Live Feed

- Content Management

- Different Sizes of Project Screen Rental

- Different Sizes of Fast Fold Projector Screen Rental

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Sound System Rental
Line Array System
Lighting and Effect
LED Wall
TV Rental
Projector Rental
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